On-site Training

Our experts provide the on-site training to ensure your team is aware!

We are happy to share our expertise with you through training. This inspires, connects and helps you continue to work successfully with the Bladder Volume Scanner. That’s what we do it for, together!

  • Train new staff and offer existing staff a refresher course.
  • Our team works with you, so our technology can benefit your entire healthcare facility.
  • A plan can be jointly developed to optimize your use of the Bladder Volume Scanner.
  • Streamline your operations so that you can take full advantage of our system.

Learning goal

  • Increase your expertise and skills in the use of the Bladder Volume Scanner (BVS)

Learning objectives

  • Indications for the use of the BVS
  • How to obtain/detect a post void residual using the BVS
  • Know how to use the BVS to assess the need for catheterisation
  • Understand the decision making process to follow when deciding if a catheterisation may be required
  • How to analyse the information obtained
  • Quality Assurance Program for the use of the BVS
  • Documentation requirements when using the BVS

Our experts are happy to share their knowledge based on their expertise!

On-site Training

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yes, we do that on location or in our own training location.


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